About M.A.C

In 1954, several families began a home prayer meeting in Marietta, Georgia because the trip to First Alliance in Atlanta was so difficult by trolley on Sunday mornings.
In that same year, God provided Rev. James Sunda, a missionary candidate, who came to pastor that small group. The meetings moved from their home to the basement of a Cobb County office building near downtown Marietta. The congregation then constructed the basement of the Alliance church on Page and Fairground Streets. Rev. Sunda continued as their pastor.
As the years passed, the pastors who served this small congregation from 1954 through 1959 went on to become Alliance missionaries overseas (Rev. Sunda to Irian Jaya, Rev. Livingston to Viet Nam, and Rev. Ross to Irian Jaya).
The congregation completed construction of the main floor at the Page and Fairground church in 1965, and the church began to hold its services in a “real” sanctuary. Rev. Foster Trout was their pastor during this period of time.
In 1970, Rev. David S. Hayes began pastoring Marietta Alliance Church and has continued as its pastor to the present date. In 1974, Marietta Alliance sold its property on Page and Fairground and temporarily moved its services to Kincaid Elementary School. In 1975, the church moved to its present location at 1787 East Piedmont Road in Marietta, where a single building was constructed by means of great personal effort and sacrifice on the part of the 40 individuals who comprised the congregation. Financed with church bonds, a sanctuary was built at a cost of $100,000.00 to hold 144 people.
In 1978, another 1,000 square feet of classrooms were added debt free. A new $70,000.00 classroom and office building followed in 1982 that was also built debt free. In 1983, a gymnasium and classroom was added to the office building. Sub sequently, $20,000.00 was raised for this project and $180,000.00 was financed.
In 1985, the congregation voted to build an $800,000.00 sanctuary and classroom building that would accommodate 400 people. The building was completed in 1986 and stands as the fifth building project.
Marietta Alliance is a church that will substitute nothing for the Word of God, for which there is no substitute. Further, the church continues its strong support of missions through prayer and sacrificial giving. The body of believers is grateful to God for His faithfulness and blessing, and desires to proceed in His will and direction.